The Reason Novera Exists

Our Mission

Novera: combination of the words Novo and Era

Novo: latin for make new, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent.

Era: an event marking the beginning of a new meaningful period of time.

Novera stands for something different, new, fresh and marks a date in time where you, the patient, 

can look at life differently 

New, fresh, and different are not only internal core values for Novera that drive everything we do, but we want the patient experience to be just that:

newness leading to change, leaving you refreshed


Dr. Taves has seen what the market offers for those suffering with headaches and migraines,

and it is time for something new.


He also knows that most

People don't think of physical therapy as having anything to do with migraines or headaches,

but is willing to put the work in to change that. Because it is work worth doing, because chronic dependence on medication is no way to live.

"To be a good steward of the opportunity to help others by coming alongside one patient at a time, seeing them succeed to their full potential."

Our Commitments


To commit to an environment that caters to your needs and is careful with your pain.



To view our opportunity to serve as a privilege, being quick to listen so you can be understood. 


To always do our work with your interests in mind and to consistently put forward our best effort.

Phone: (719) 598-1010



M-Th 8-5:30, F 8-12

Address: 2139 Chuckwagon Rd. Colorado Springs, CO. 80919

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