The Reason You Have Headaches

Headaches come in all shapes and sizes. The severity, frequency and location all seem to vary from patient to patient. In every case I find myself asking, why? Why does the headache start at the base of the skull? Why is the pain increased with poor postures? Why are most of these people telling me they were in a car accident years ago? If we ask why enough times we are bound to get an answer. The answer, surprisingly, is very simple because the why behind each question has a consistent answer. The body has a knack for fixing itself, and when it is unable to, it will revert to less efficient routes of completing the same goal. Let me get to the point; the why behind these headaches boils dow

Why You Get Headaches While Flying

Have you ever struggled with relieving the pressure in your ears when flying? I remember back to my college days when 15 other students and myself volunteered to fly out to Compton, CA for a service project. The morning of the trip I was dealing with a stuffy nose and brought some gum and extra tissue for the flight to keep the pressure from building in my ears. This method allowed my ears to adjust for maybe the first 45 minutes of the flight, but it wasn’t long until the pressure change caught up to me. Pressure build up was accompanied by ear pain and a headache like none other. No one else seemed to mind the change in pressure as they were all laughing and having a good time. I remember

Is It Bad To Pop My Neck?

There are many common misconceptions when it comes to manipulation or “adjustment” (chiropractic language) of the neck. If you watched my recent video you saw and probably heard what are known as cavitations or the “pops” to the joints of the neck. This type of treatment is surely not for everyone, but with the right type of patient the results can be significant. I will leave it up to the physical therapist and their clinical exam to deem who would benefit, but what I want to accomplish with this blog post is to shed some light on some common misconceptions of manipulation so that if you are one of those patient’s that will benefit, you have the confidence to seek treatment. First misconcep

The #1 Headache Causing Habit

Do you wake up with headaches? If so, there is a good chance that you need to change your sleep position. Sleeping is one of the first things I go over when a patient comes in for headaches. How we are sleeping plays into the amount of tension placed through the cervical spine. If you think about how many hours your body has to put up with bad positioning during the night, it only makes sense that you wake up with a headache. As this is a common conversation in the clinic, let me take you through a typical conversation with a patient about sleeping position. Me: So here are the no no’s of sleeping. First, absolutely no stomach sleeping! I have repeat patients who come into the clinic 6 month

Three Keys To Finding The Right Provider

Three key questions to ask a provider during the first session to see if he/she can treat your HA pain: Are you able to properly assess for tension HA’s/cervicogenic HA’s: Test C1-2 rotation in the clinic and provide me with a measurement? Can they reproduce my pain in the clinic? Does the plan of care involve a significant amount of time with hands on treatment? Certified in manual therapy (not necessary but definitely helps) Minimum 20 minutes of hands on treatment restoring upper cervical mobility How many patients with HA pain do you see in a week 1-2 is ok 3-5 is better 5-10 and they are a sure bet

Taking A Step Back To Conservative Treatment

In my studies of the body there are valiant attempts at making medicine as objective as possible, fixing anything and everything with the latest intervention. We spend countless man hours and dollars on finding the latest and greatest technology and newest medication. The bone is broken - so put a plate in and some screws. You have pain in your knee - well take an ibuprofen. You have an infection - take an anti-biotic. Your back hurts - get an MRI and an injection. We become reliant on these things, thinking our bodies are hopelessly dependent on an outside intervention. Is this really the case? What if we took a step back and let the body heal itself. What if we spent that same amount of ti

Is Physical Therapy Right For You?

This question seems tricky to answer without having a patient sitting in front of me. This is because physical therapists are trained to perform extensive physical assessments – which allows them to get the information they need to create a plan of care or refer. Regardless, I believe people need assurance that if they take the leap to see a PT, they are not wasting their time. So, let me explain in three simple points the way I see it, as it should provide clarity. 1) Are we asking the right question? I would like to take a step back and have you ask a different question. “Is medication, injections or even surgery the right intervention for me?” At this time I would dare to say that near 10

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