Lets Change

Healthcare has a curative mentality. Medical Doctors are trained to perform expensive procedures and prescribe medication intended to regulate dysfunction or re-align what got off track. This is great for keeping disease at bay, but what if instead we looked at the reason we got off track in the first place. Instead of performing a knee replacement, what if we started to exercise and lose weight to take stress of the joints. Instead of having state of the art hospitals that can fend off the effects of diabetes, we educate the public on the effects of diet and poor lifestyle habits, empowering the patient to change early on. Healthcare does seem to be slowly headed in the direction of prevent

The Value of Urgency

Ever wondered how much it costs you to wait on receiving the right type of care? Lets say the average patient has been suffering with headaches for 2-3 years. Take a look at how much time, money and energy is lost due to headaches in that time. In the 2-3 years it takes waiting for headache relief, you… make 5-6 trips to your primary care providers for medication refills and change in prescription meds cutting into your deductible by $1000 dollars. Lose 2-3 days per month of productive time that would have been spent at work or with family but instead your headache took over… you place your price here. You have 1-2 procedures performed along with visits to specialists costing several hundred

Car Crash -> Whiplash -> Headache

Here is the question... Do your headaches have anything to do with that car accident years ago? In most cases, your bumps and bruises past a couple years have little relevancy. When it comes to headaches however, that jarring accident decades ago could be the reason for your frequent headache pain. Why does whip lash lead to headaches? Several days after the car accident, the neck will feel loose as most of the structures in the neck were stretched past their normal limit during the injury. It is not until weeks to months later that the symptoms present as the body is attempting to find what used to be normal movement, but is dealing with joints and ligaments that have over compensated to be

Can Massage Therapy Help My Headaches?

Yes of course! Why not get a 30 minute massage that leaves you feeling relaxed and rids you of that muscle tension. I do get this question quite often in the clinic and there are only a few cases where I would say, "lets hold off." Here is how I view massage. The pros of massage: 1) People perceive massage to be relaxing, stress relieving, a luxury, beneficial to your health... I could keep going but the idea is that the perception of an intervention gives it a much better chance of success. 2) Muscles are one of the primary pain generators with tension headaches. Whether it is shoulder tension or neck tension, a massage therapist can do wonders on tissue tension and what are called "trigger

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