Where Does Dizziness Come From?

One of the most commonly missed sources of dizziness is the neck. That’s right, the neck contributes to balance and the brain relies on its input. When the neck doesn’t move like it should, the brain gets a faulty signal and away you go, on a dizzy adventure. It all goes back to how our bodies were designed. There are three different systems that work together to keep us upright and balanced. When one or more of those systems is impaired, the brains natural response is to think the room is spinning or the body is off kilter. So allow me to briefly explain each system. Visual system: This one is obvious because we all know how hard it is to stay upright and balanced with the eyes closed. Visi

Uh oh, I slipped a disc!

Are we causing more problems with all this imaging? I hear on a weekly basis patients say, “oh that’s my pain from the herniated disc” or “will my pain go away, I do have a bulging disc?” or my personal favorite “I had an MRI that showed a slipped disc 10 years ago, so this is an old injury… (meaning: I don’t think anything will really help). Let’s change that mentality by 1) understanding imaging as a patient and 2) knowing when to order these imaging tests as providers Why? Because patients perceive pain when we say and show them things like bulging discs. If we truly understand low back pain, or neck pain or headaches or any other musculoskeletal condition, we will know that the body is m

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