Can My Migraine Stem From The Neck?

Don't worry... the 7 magical questions are coming. Some housekeeping first. Lets first define a type of headache known as a cervicogenic headache. This is a headache that stems from the cervical spine. The pain actually arises from the bony structures or other tissues in the neck. How does this relate to your migraine? It is believed that the nerves that carry information from the bones and other tissues in the neck meet up with another sensory nerve that distributes sensation to the head and face. This is called referred pain as the neck is the underlying pain generator, but the pain itself is felt in the head or face. As far as pain goes, that migraine like pain could be a neck problem. I

Holy Cow! 10 Facts About Headaches

90% of the population will experience a headache in their lifetime. 3% of the general population have chronic headache pain. 48% of migraine sufferers report 1-4 episodes per month. Prevalence of migraine pain decreases after age 50. Women are 2-3x more likely to experience migraines in their lifetime Migraine pain is reported to reduce health-related quality of life more than osteoarthritis or diabetes. The cost of headaches from loss of work time and productivity is far greater than the cost of treatment which is estimated to be greater than $1 billion dollars in the US. 90% of people with migraines present with disability from pain. 50% of people with migraines are severely disabled or re

Do You Have a Headache Solution?

Want to Understand The Root Cause of Headaches and Participate in a Community Sharing Valuable Headache Information? Read This Blog and Click The Link To The Headache Conversation Group Below. Nearly 90% of the population has reported to having a headache within their lifetime. Tension-type headaches are the most prevalent form of a headache with lifetime prevalence of 52%. Naturally, with such a high prevalence of tension-type headache pain, there are various approaches to treatment. Presently, treatments include pharmaceutical headache and pain relievers, therapeutic massage, chiropractic care, physical therapy and an array of self-treatment devices When assessing which treatment approach

Follow The Nerve

I do apologize to some of my readers as this blog post contains some in-depth anatomy. Please don’t see that as a reason to tune out because it provides valuable insight into why restoring movement to the upper neck is so crucial when treating headaches. We will focus on just one component, of many, when understanding the reasons behind headache pain. First, let me start with a simplified anatomy lesson on the greater occipital nerve. The greater occipital nerve stems from the beginnings of the spinal cord. The nerve passes through the first and second cervical vertebrae and detours down and around a muscle called the obliquus capitis inferior, from there it travels up the head and through a

The Benefit Of Belief

The other day I had a patient ask if it made sense to use pressure points on the foot to relieve her shoulder pain. She said that it seemed to help, but wasn’t sure if it should be working. I have also had patients ask my opinion on piercings to reduce headaches/migraines or wearing copper bracelets for pain relief. These unconventional ways of finding pain relief are widespread and not uncommonly seen or heard of. They may have some genius marketing campaigns behind them in order to convince the masses that it will work, but is that wrong? Do we need all these randomized controlled trials and decades of research before trying out a new approach? I believe that evidence-based medicine that d

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