The Overlap of Headaches and Migraines

“Cervicogenic headache may mimic those commonly associated with primary headache disorders such as tension-type headache or migraine and as a result, distinguishing among these headache types can be difficult.” - David M. Biondi, DO In this review of cervicogenic headaches (Headaches from the neck), Dr. Biondi gives an in depth research based approach to explaining the relationship between the neck and headache pain. I would attempt to do this myself, but why not have a Harvard professor do it for me. Why do I share this? Because this is an established professor of medicine who is giving validity to the relationship between the neck and headaches/migraines. Not only does he establish a relat

Jaw Pain... Ouch

Did you know that headaches and jaw pain have a significant relationship? A study performed in 2001 showed that 21% of the population reported headache pain while 54% reported jaw symptoms (jaw pain, popping, clicking, locking) during the previous year. They found that 27% of people with jaw symptoms also reported headache pain compared to 15% who reported headaches alone. The recommendation is to include an examination of the jaw, or at least consider jaw mechanics or jaw dysfunction as a potential contributor to headache pain. The good news is that the jaw can be effectively treated by a Physical Therapist (PT) as PT’s focus on restoring muscle and joint function in the body. Don’t forget

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