Do You Clench?

Clenching can lead to major setbacks in the battle with headache/migraine pain. When I say clenching, I am referring to the act of grinding or pressing your teeth together or biting down with great amounts of force. This often occurs with increased stress. Many clench their teeth while they sleep and have no idea they until they visit a professional who can properly diagnose the problem. There is a quick way to tell… look in the mirror at the inside of your cheek. If there is a white line that looks like a callous and seems to outline the teeth, this is a result of clenching. Clenching can lead to several issues, but one lesser known but still vitally important is headache pain. Here’s how…

Why Me? Risk Factors for Headaches & Migraines

Did you know? From adolescence onward women are 3x more likely to have migraines than men. As hormones change, women will find they are more likely to have a migraine right before or after their menstrual cycle. Some women will find their migraines worsen or start in pregnancy.

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