Eat the Right Foods to Avoid Migraines

Did you ever think there could be a connection between your migraines and the food you eat? Patient testimonies and studies have shown that certain foods can trigger migraines. Avoiding those nasty migraines starts with eating healthy foods. This means you should avoid foods that contain added preservatives, yeasts, flavoring, and other substances such as nitrites and phenylalanine that are known to trigger headaches. Foods that potentially stimulate migraines include: Aged cheese Alcohol (particularily red wine and beer) Cured meats (like beef or salami) Onions, garlic Homemade bread, doughnuts, cake, and rolls Smoked or dried fish Potato chip products Flavored crackers Chocolate

What is the best sleep position?

Do you wake up with headaches? If so, there is a good chance that you need to change your sleep position. Sleeping is one of the first things I go over when a patient comes to see me. How we are sleeping plays into the amount of tension placed through the neck. It is best to find a neutral posture for the neck in either the side sleeping or back sleeping positions. Stomach sleeping can increase the amount of strain through the neck because of the amount of rotation required. Rotation of the neck can be the primary limitation for someone with headaches. Side sleepers can do well, but it is recommended to have a thicker pillow in order to account for your shoulder. Also, make sure to support y

5 Recommendations For The Patient With Headaches

Out of all of the wonderful people that we have had the pleasure of helping here at Novera, the most successful are those that do these 5 things outside of the clinic. Battling against the debilitating headache and migraine attacks is never easy. It takes work, hard work, in order to find the best results. Here is how you can minimize your migraines days and maximize the effectiveness of treatment: 1) Stay optimistic: It is good to be skeptical, but having a positive outlook and holding onto hope of finding relief can go a long ways. The road is never easy, but the patient that sticks with it and holds to an optimistic outlook will have the best results. 2) Stay active: All migraines will ef

Electric Fish Shocks and Migraines

Migraines and headaches are not new. From the 1st century to the 21st century, people have struggled with them and sought out ways to find relief. Today the most commonly used treatment is medication. There were many different historical remedies that have been documented about through the years. One such remedy was using the electric ray or torpedo fish, a fish that is found in the Mediterranean Sea and Eastern Atlantic Sea. This fish would shock a human if it was touched, and the shocks were prescribed as a headache cure. At Novera we don't have any fish, though maybe a fish tank with colorful ones to look at would be a neat addition to our waiting room. Garlic, electric fish shocks, and t

Independence Day!

A patient recently told me that their migraines have taken them away from so many things in life. Many of our patients are dealing with busy work schedules, trying to keep up with exercise, being a good mother or father, etc. Juggling the day to day of life can be overwhelming, juggling life with migraines is near impossible. What do migraines keep you from? At Novera, it is our desire to come alongside you as we push for you to get back to your life without interruption. The freedom of life without migraines is attainable for many. Independence from the worry of migraines seems appropriate around this time of year as we celebrate our countries' independence. Think about what migraines have

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