Smells and Migraines: Helpful or Hurtful (Part 2)

Last week we spent some time looking at odors that could be harmful for your migraines. This week let’s look at some scents that can help ease your pain. Particularly, we are going to study 5 essential oils that can alleviate tension, stress, and headache pain. 1. Peppermint Oil This is one of the most commonly used oils to treat headache pain. It contains menthol which helps the muscles to relax. To use peppermint oil, dilute it with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, and rub on the sides of your temple to ease headache pain. 2. Rosemary Oil Rosemary oil is best known to reduce inflammation and kill pain. It helps with stress reduction, insomnia, improved circulation, and muscle relaxation

Smells and Migraines: Helpful or Hurtful? (Part 1)

There are certain smells that can increase the severity of a migraine attack and others that can even trigger migraines. Today let’s take a closer look at what these odors are. People who have an intolerance to smells during migraine attacks are diagnosed with a phenomenon known as osmophobia. About 50% of those who suffer from migraines have osmophobia. It is possible that any of these scents may be triggering your migraines: - Perfume - Cigarette smoke - Food odors - Nail polish - Cleaning products - Car exhaust - Paint - Detergent - Carpeting These smells are likely to trigger a migraine if you breathe them in for more than 15 minutes or are in an enclosed space. These are also s

Do You Suffer from Nighttime Headaches?

There is nothing worse than falling asleep after a long day – only to be woken up in an hour by a throbbing headache. These kinds of headaches that attack at night are called hypnic headaches. Hypnic headaches have been nicknamed the “alarm clock headache.” They often strike between 1 and 3am. Most of the victims who suffer from hypnic headaches are 40 years and older. Women are more likely to suffer from hypnic headaches than men are. They can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 6 hours. Some patients suffer from multiple attacks in one night. Here are some common symptoms of hypnic headaches: - Exclusively occur at night - Pain on either one side or both sides of the head - Light or sound

Does Musical Therapy Work for Headaches?

Research has shown that relaxation and cognitive-behavioral therapy are effective when it comes to controlling the pain of headaches. Music therapy has proven to lessen the frequency of headaches, especially in children and adolescents. In a study led by three German researchers in 2001, 25 adults who suffered from chronic migraines and headaches were evaluated for the effect that musical therapy had on their pain. The subjects reported the pain intensity and frequency of their headaches before and after the study. After 6-12 months of therapy, the subjects testified that there was significant improvement concerning their headaches. The three German researchers concluded that music therapeut

How do Hormones Affect my Headaches?

Many women find that before or during their menstrual cycle they get headaches. The drop in estrogen levels right before a woman's cycle causes erratic fluctuations in her hormones which can stimulate headaches. During pregnancy, estrogen levels rise, so many women find that their migraines vanish during pregnancy. However, after pregnancy, estrogen levels drop again, and the migraines return. Birth control pills are also known to cause a woman's hormone levels to rise or fall. In the time leading up to menopause, woman's migraines tend to worsen. However, about 2/3 of women who suffer from migraines report that their symptoms get better when they reach menopause. If you show any of the foll

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