Happy Thanksgiving!

It is that time of year to think of everything that you are thankful for. Maybe you are thankful for family, a warm home, good food, and friends. Perhaps you are thankful for the beautiful snow, white mountain caps, and frosty trees. Here at Novera we are thankful for each and every one of the patients that we have seen in the clinic. Each of you are a joy to work with, and your presence in the clinic makes it a joy to come to work every morning. We are thankful for all the patients we have helped to overcome their headaches. We think of the mothers who have gained back their lives and can spend time with their children. We think of the fathers who can return to work, awake and vibrant. We t

Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches occur often during pregnancy, particularly during the first or third trimesters. In the first trimester, your body experiences rapid changes in hormones and an increase in blood volume. These effects can trigger headaches. Third trimester headaches are often triggered by tension in the body from carrying extra weight and poor posture. Additionally, any of the following are reasons why you may experience headaches during pregnancy: lack of sleep, low blood sugar, poor posture, stress, or dehydration. Try any of these tips to decrease the intensity and frequency of your headaches during pregnancy: Practice good posture Exercise Rest and take time to relax Eat healthy meals Apply cold

Do you get Headaches after Eating?

If you get headaches after eating, this is called a postprandial headache. Below are a few possible reasons why you may suffer from postprandial headaches. 1. Postprandial Hypoglycemia This kind of headache hits four hours after eating. It is triggered by a drop in blood sugar levels. Some underlying causes may be diabetes, digestive tumors, or abnormal hormone levels. 2. Food Allergy or Intolerance Headaches may be an allergic reaction to certain kinds of food. Be careful about what kinds of food you are eating, and whether or not they may be affecting your headaches. 3. TMJ Disorder The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that connects the portion of your skull in front of your

The Power of Yoga

Yoga is an excellent technique to alleviate stress and release tension in the muscles and ligaments of the body. Since tension and stress are often triggers for headaches or migraines, yoga can help decrease the frequency or intensity of your headaches. Yoga also improves posture, balance, and flexibility, which are all connected to headaches. Furthermore, yoga helps relax and calm the mind; it helps focus the mind on tasks at hand and makes them seem more manageable. Yoga is a technique which teaches you how to align your body and give you understanding of its ability and the power of its movement. It is especially helpful in youth and adolescents, because the body is still growing and lear

What Do You Fear?

What do you fear? You survived Halloween! What costume did you wear? Lots of people probably wore costumes that scared them. Oftentimes people wear costumes that represent their greatest fear – maybe it’s spiders, an evil sorcerer, a man-eating wolf, a skeleton, or a bat. You ask, is there a costume for migraines? Maybe it would be a face mask with an exhausted look. Or perhaps a mask of sorrow and pain. What about a mask of fear? If you suffer from headaches or migraines, then you have worn these masks before – and not just on Halloween. Migraine attacks leave you exhausted and beaten down. They steal away your life, so that maybe you didn’t even have the time or energy to make a Halloween

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