Barometric Pressure Changes and Headaches

Severe changes in weather are often the causes of headaches, and this is often due to barometric pressure changes. Barometric pressure is the force exerted on our bodies by the air. Barometric pressure changes cause a pressure imbalance between your sinus cavity and the weather outside. These imbalances can trigger intense pain in the sinus and ear chambers. Increasing pressure can also cause blood vessels to contract, causing irregular blood flow to the brain which often triggers headaches. Barometric pressure changes are the result of various weather changes. Rain storms contribute to an increase of humidity in the air, while hot days or strong winds contribute to a decrease of humidity in

How do I Migraine-proof my Home?

It is important to keep your living space free from migraine triggers. Home is the one place that you want to ensure you can be absolutely confident in that you are free from headaches. You may be getting headaches because of your surrounding environment, and certain factors in your house may be triggering migraines. Consider following any of the steps below so that you can feel safe in your home: 1. Use dim lighting Bright or fluorescent lights can trigger migraines. Use dim lights, or even green lights, which in some cases has shown to help with migraines. Additionally, blue light from your computer or phone screen can cause headaches. Take care of how much time you are spending in fron

Dr. Taves' recommendation on sleep position

Do you wake up with headaches when you sleep on your stomach? Here’s why: Headaches can be caused by tension in the neck. This limits the amount of rotation for the head and increases stress through the neck when the head is rotated. Stomach sleepers naturally sleep with their head rotated one direction. In this case, the tension that triggers their pain may increase. What are the alternative positions? Back sleeping is my first choice followed closely by side sleeping. Back sleepers typically allow for their cervical (neck) and lumbar spine (low back) to relax throughout the night, but I also find that this is the least common position to sleep in. If you choose the side sleeping option jus

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