The #1 Headache Causing Habit

Do you wake up with headaches? If so, there is a good chance that you need to change your sleep position. Sleeping is one of the first things I go over when a patient comes in for headaches. How we are sleeping plays into the amount of tension placed through the cervical spine. If you think about how many hours your body has to put up with bad positioning during the night, it only makes sense that you wake up with a headache. As this is a common conversation in the clinic, let me take you through a typical conversation with a patient about sleeping position. Me: So here are the no no’s of sleeping. First, absolutely no stomach sleeping! I have repeat patients who come into the clinic 6 month

Can My Migraine Stem From The Neck?

Don't worry... the 7 magical questions are coming. Some housekeeping first. Lets first define a type of headache known as a cervicogenic headache. This is a headache that stems from the cervical spine. The pain actually arises from the bony structures or other tissues in the neck. How does this relate to your migraine? It is believed that the nerves that carry information from the bones and other tissues in the neck meet up with another sensory nerve that distributes sensation to the head and face. This is called referred pain as the neck is the underlying pain generator, but the pain itself is felt in the head or face. As far as pain goes, that migraine like pain could be a neck problem. I

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