Why Does Sugar Trigger My Migraines?

Have you ever experienced pounding pain in your head after eating your favorite ice cream? That mint chocolate chip tasted so good in the moment, but an hour later you find yourself on the couch, hunched over in debilitating pain. It’s not guilt-driven pain you feel from indulging in your nighttime treat, but it is a literal throbbing in your head. It’s not natural. Others don’t experience this. And you wish it would just go away. Let me see if I can help. Let’s first figure out why you feel this pain, and then we’ll talk about how you can fix the problem. Your body needs a certain amount of sugar to operate, and when you consume sugar it causes your blood glucose levels to fluctuate. Your b

The Importance of Early Intervention

Car accidents, mountain biking falls, sports injuries or just prolonged poor posturing, any of these things can lead to the type of injury that leads to headaches and migraines. It's important to understand that each of these scenarios is placing a load through the neck that it is not equipped to handle. The consequence is a change in the normal movement or expected resting position of the neck. The symptoms that present can vary dramatically from dizziness, headaches, migraines, jaw pain, tension headaches, sensitivities to lights and sounds, etc. It is important to receive early intervention because over time the brain and our central nervous system will grow more and more sensitive to the

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