Do Standing Desks Help my Headaches?

Do you ever think about your neck and back posture during the day? Do you know that your posture can greatly affect the intensity and frequency of your headaches? If you spend hours working at a desk or looking at screens, then it is likely that your posture is not very good. Even using a cell phone for a long period of time will crane your neck and put up to 10 pounds of excessive weight on your neck. In turn, you may be experiencing headaches or migraines during the work day or afterwards during the night. You are most likely experiencing headaches because of your body posture. There are several ways you can help your posture and stop craning your neck during the day. Firstly, when you are

You Journal?

Believe it or not, journaling can be one of the most effective ways to work through a series of painful migraines. Many people’s migraines are triggered by food allergies or sensitivities, sleep schedules, exercise routines, or stress factors. The thing is people don’t know that these factors are triggering their migraines. Most people think that heading to the doctor and going on medication is the only way to stop their migraines. They are downcast and anxious, because week after week they are afflicted with the same terrible, pounding headaches, but they don’t know where to look for healing. So, they turn to medication, only to find that they must now take these drugs for years and years.

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