How do I Migraine-proof my Home?

December 23, 2019

It is important to keep your living space free from migraine triggers. Home is the one place that you want to ensure you can be absolutely confident in that you are free from headaches. You may be getting headaches because of your surrounding environment, and certain factors in your house may be triggering migraines. Consider following any of the steps below so that you can feel safe in your home:





1. Use dim lighting
Bright or fluorescent lights can trigger migraines. Use dim lights, or even green lights, which in
some cases has shown to help with migraines. Additionally, blue light from your computer or
phone screen can cause headaches. Take care of how much time you are spending in front of
screens, especially in the evening when your body is winding down for sleep.

2. Soundproof your home
Loud sounds certainly trigger migraines. Make sure your bedroom is in a place that is conducive for undisturbed sleep. If you listen to music, don’t play it too loudly, particularly if you are listening through headphones. You can soundproof your home and diminish echoing by using thick rugs and carpet. Plants also help absorb sound.

3. Don’t use strong odors or perfumes
Even if you are really attached to that one particular perfume, it may be the cause of your
headaches. You don’t have to get rid of all your perfumes, but try a perfume that is subtle and
smells natural. Also be aware of other scents in your home – candles, essential oil diffusers,
shampoos and lotions, cigarette smoke, and cleaning products. Opening windows to allow for
natural air flow always helps diffuse strong odors and clear your head. Running an air filter in
the house can also help with this problem.

4. Rid your house of allergens
Dust and mold can cause an allergic reaction that is linked to headaches. You can reduce the risk of dust and mold by using a dehumidifier, washing your bedding weekly, vacuuming regularly, cleaning surfaces (particularly bed tables and kitchen counters), and cleaning damp areas around sinks and drains.

5. Keep your house clean!

A dirty house is stressful. Clutter and excess things lying around your house can make you
anxious. Tidy up your house so that the essential items you need are easy at hand, and the extra items are stored out of the way.



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