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The Colorado Springs natural solution for headaches and migraines.
Emily Q.
Novera Patient
Spring 2022
Treat the Root of the Problem
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Ditch The Medication

We hate seeing people go years searching for a solution:
don't get stuck feeling helpless

You and your health deserve better!

Take Back Control of Your Life


Trusted Treatment

- A proven solution for even the toughest cases

(Success with nearly all types of headaches & migraines)

Find the Source

-Explains and treats the most overlooked cause of Headaches & Migraines (scroll down for our free PDF)

Ditch the Medication

- Natural solutions that address the source of pain  (Partnering with like minded providers to eliminate triggers)

Searching For Relief Can Be Frustrating

That's why our providers have dedicated their careers to helping people just like you, but we know you may have lost hope in finding relief so we offer each new patient a free 30 minute in-person or virtual visit so we can hear your story and ensure you are a good fit.


"You Don't Have to Live Like This Anymore, Trust Me"

-Jenna B.

"It feels really great to have my husband back!"


How It Works

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Treat Your Symptoms at the Source

(Your physical therapist will explain and treat the underlying problem)

Get Back To Your Life

(See life changing results in just a couple months)

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People with headaches and migraines can struggle for years without finding a solution. At Novera: Headache Center, we address the most commonly overlooked cause by providing a trusted natural solution for even the toughest cases. 


Green Light to Take Control of Your Life

How do we do it?

Learn about Headaches & Migraines so that you can gain control of your life:


Gain control of your time at work


Gain control of your time with family
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Before you schedule your evaluation
Download our free PDF
3 Key Elements of Headaches & Migraines That Your Doctor Overlooked