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We Help Chronic Headache & Migraine Sufferers In Colorado Springs, Live Their Life:
Free of Medication and Without Fear of Their Next Migraine Day
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Hi, I’m Dr. Jono Taves and I am a Mayo Clinic trained Physical Therapist who specializes in helping people with headaches and migraines.

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Here are a few patient stories...

Jackson suffered from headaches his entire life.  It affected his ability to participate in school, and many other areas.  I've helped Jackson overcome his headache pain, and get back to life as it should be.

Gail and Laura had both been treated many times through conventional medicine; but neither of them had experienced the relief we were able to provide.  Does their story sound familiar to you?

Hannah woke up 6 months ago with major headache pain.  After months of ineffective treatment, she and her family traveled all the way from Croatia to be treated by me.  In a few short weeks, I helped Hannah get back to her life.

Can Novera Help You?

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Headache Hailey

Meet Dr. Taves

He will provide a deeper look at What We Do

This video explains:

  • Our 3 step approach
  • How to get started
  • What treatment looks like
  • How to maintain your improvements

Tired Of Taking Medication?

Don't worry, we have a better way...

What is that?

Well a bow tie

of course

Because bow ties, just like Novera, keep it: Fresh & New

The Novera Three Step Solution


Identification of specific sites of restriction or muscle tension in the head, neck and jaw that cause pain


Targeted, hands on treatment to restore the body to its normal function


Taught three healthy habits to ensure lasting results

We Know Your Pain

Because years of migraine and headache pain leads to no hope

NOVERA was created to restore hope to that person. 


Because waiting 30 minutes for a 10 minute appointment and a trip to Walgreens gets old

NOVERA is made of people just like you, so we know your frustrations. We commit to be on-time and provide one-on-one care with the promise to listen to your story so you can be heard.

Because we know you are not the type to take pain meds

NOVERA believes in giving you another option. We commit to a functional and physical medicine approach, meaning we get to the root of your headache and migraine pain and let the body do the rest.

Because we know you have already tried everything

NOVERA attracts the type of people who care about their health; so yes, they have been through multiple doctors and have done their homework on what may help. We like these people because we get to be the breakthrough treatment.

Because you already know what physical therapy is

NOVERA provides you with a trained Doctor of Physical Therapy who has found great success with treating headaches and migraines. So, it only made sense to create a clinic that revolutionized the patient experience to something that provides you with the relief you've been searching for.

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Get Back To Your Life!

Conquer and become a headache champion as you get back to the things you love!

Schedule a Discovery Visit

A free 30 minute visit to ensure you are a good fit

Initial Evaluation

One-on-one personal evaluation with treatment

Personalized Plan To Headache and Migraine Relief

One or Two sessions per week

  • Our goal is to have you independent 

  • Skip the babysitter! we would be happy to watch the kids

  • Don't fit our schedule? We will do our best to fit yours


We exist to help people just like you.

"My physical therapy care with Dr. Jono Taves has changed my life. I’m now living migraine free. Yes, you read that right: MIGRAINE FREE."

- Laura F.

"Dr. Jono Taves is knowledgeable and amazing! After 1 visit I had relief, 3 visits and I can function again. If you want to feel better and actually cure your problem, he's the man!!!"

- Linda W.

"Dr. Taves has changed my life when traditional medicine failed. I’ve had severe migraines for ten years, often to the point of emergency room visits and regularly missing events with family and friends. Now I can happily say I have resumed activities I haven’t done in years: skiing, running and gardening. Thank you, Dr. Taves!"

- Gail Z

"MY HAPPY PLACE!! If you have tried almost everything and want lasting relief this is THE PLACE you have been looking and hoping for!"

Kari Y.

"I have had migraines since I was 10 years old. It was so bad that I missed a large portion of high school. I haven't had a migraine since I started this treatment!"

- Elise W