The Headache & Migraine Masterclass

Discover the source of headache pain, know how to self-manage migraine attacks, and find a provider that can provide a personalized treatment plan without medication.

Understand migraine triggers

Correct upper body posture

Learn headache management techniques

Have You Been Searching For A Way To Decrease Migraine Triggers Without Medication?

There’s nothing worse than knowing uncomfortable or debilitating pain is going to hit — it’s just a matter of when. And when it DOES hit, what can you do?

Sleep? Take medication that has less-than-desirable side effects? Try to just “push through?”

Looking for answers can feel overwhelming.

So why not go directly to the source?

Headache specialist and Physical Therapist, Dr. Jono Taves, guides you through a self-paced course to help you find more permanent treatment options for something you’ve lived with for too long.

You deserve a comprehensive headache & migraine course that gives you the power to take back control of your health!

Take The Next Step Toward Finding Answers For Migraine Relief


Get the course

Invest in your health and finally get answers you’ve been searching for.


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Take right action

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A Comprehensive Look Into The Most Overlooked Causes Of Headaches & Migraines

While it isn’t a “continuing medical education” course, the information provided in The Headache & Migraine Masterclass could be!

Well, except we ditch the confusing medical jargon — no one needs that. Instead, we’ve made each lesson easy to understand and simple to integrate into your daily routine.

The Headache & Migraine Masterclass is for you if you:

Are curious about non-medication treatment options for headaches, migraines, or neck issues that lead to decreased productivity

Experience chronic migraines, tension headaches, intermittent migraine attack(s), severe headache(s), or other headache disorders

Want to learn more about different symptoms, preventive treatments, and how to look for a doctor who can help

Are looking for the most beneficial restorative exercises you can easily do at home

Find Freedom From Migraine Headaches

This online course covers information that has helped our patients at Novera: Headache Center find answers they’ve been looking for.

There’s no denying natural preventive treatments for chronic migraine and headache disorders are effective at minimizing, and in some cases eliminating, symptoms. At Novera, it starts with acute treatment focused on the shoulders, neck, and head.

Module 1:

Understand headaches and migraines like never before. Learn all about this debilitating condition, why it occurs, and how to take steps toward finding answers.

Module 2:
Learn why the neck can be the primary source of your head pain.

Module 3:

Master daily exercises that help support, stabilize, and strengthen the neck.

Module 4:

Know what to look for when searching for a provider that can provide a holistic approach to treating headaches and migraines. (Or just come visit us at Novera in Colorado Springs!)

Here Are Some Of Our Top Recommended Self-Care Tools

A foam roller will help you get even more out of the masterclass!


Dr Taves is very knowledgeable and the staff is very friendly. I came from Indiana and Bria was so nice to give me ideas on sites to see and places to eat. It has only been 3 weeks but I can start to feel a difference and have a good feeling about that I will keep getting positive results. Thanks Novera 🤗
Samantha Myers
Samantha Myers
I have only had a few sessions with Kelsey, but so far I am very impressed. She is skilled, kind, an active listener, and so understanding and validating with things that have been brushed off by other doctors. She talks me through everything she does and explains the reasoning behind something in a way that is easy to understand. I am looking forward to more sessions with her and I am finally filled with HOPE again after being in the dark for a while.
Alexandria Portillo
Alexandria Portillo
I can't tell yet if the exercises and stretches willl help, as my appointment was just today but Dr. Stoerzbach has given me hope for the first time in a decade of daily headaches and migraines. UPDATE : I have been doing the exercises regularly and have been headache free since my appointment with Dr. Stoerzbach. Yup. You read that right HEADACHE FREE. If I wasn't experiencing this.. I wouldn't believe it. If you're on the fence about booking an appointment at Novera.. don't waste another moment of your life.
FrancisBecca Musso
FrancisBecca Musso
Outstanding experience in all ways. He takes the time to explain what he is doing and why. My headaches have vastly diminishes just half way through my treatment. Great person and job! Nathan
Nathan Lay
Nathan Lay
Positive results were immediate. 4-month run of nearly constant headaches stopped with Dr. Taves' initial manipulation of the soft tissue around the C-1 vertebrae. Expectedly, some soreness from the soft tissue that hadn't ever been lengthened that way before, but now that soreness is gone, as well as the headaches. Dr. Taves' training isn't a fly-by-night course. He was taught at the Mayo Clinic.
Colin Clark
Colin Clark
I have experienced headaches and migraines for several years. I have previously tried several different medicines and done a couple rounds of physical therapy. I found the Novera Headache center online, but hesitated to make an appointment because of the distance I would need to travel. I decided to go for a consultation visit and set up sessions. I wish I would have gone sooner. I didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Taves did a great job of explaining why I got headaches and the process he would use for my treatment. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the Novera headache center to anyone suffering from headache and migraines.
Shawn Roberts
Shawn Roberts
I never thought I’d be able to get rid of my migraines. I’ve tried all kinds of treatments including Botox. After just three weeks of treatment, my migraines are gone! Such kind staff and very accommodating for moms of littles.
Nina Willert
Nina Willert
Both Drs. Taves and Stoerzbach have a passion to help, are good listeners and most of all they know how to treat the root cause of migraines instead of looking to medications to only mask the symptoms. We need more clinics like theirs to employ the same approach in helping those with migraines. Bria is also very talented. I am amazed at her ability to listen and empathize. I live in Pennsylvania and she was always ready to change schedules in way that allowed me to have decent flight times in and out of Colorado Springs. Novera has not only made a drastic impact in my life, but also for my family (in having to live with me). I am in my 40's and have had migraines since I was 5 years old. The migraines have been chronic for about the last 15 years. I have seen countless health care professionals including having been to 3 headache specialists in Philadelphia and Chicago. I spend a week in a hospital in Chicago to try to get the migraines under control. I've tried physical therapy, chiropractic, TMJ specialist, ear nose throat specialist, pain management and nearly every prescription medication and injection that could be prescribed for migraines. None have been very helpful. I had migraines on a daily basis before coming to Novera. I was skeptical to try physical therapy again, but out of desperation for any help I could find I gave Novera a try. Having a migraine is now beginning to become a rare experience in only a short number of treatments even after stopping all the preventative medications I was taking.
Timothy Wentz
Timothy Wentz
Novera has been life changing. Before coming here I was taking ibuprofen about 6 times a week for headaches and pain, along with my migraine medication about 2-4 times a month. I have seen a significant improvement where I no longer take ibuprofen that much and I have seen a major change in the way my migraines have presented themselves. To the point I developed a minor migraine while out hiking and forgot my Ubrelvy, but I ended up not needing to take it as my migraine was very minor and ended quickly. My every day has been improved greatly, and my migraines are much less debilitating. I am not yet done with going to Novera, but with the changes I have seen in a short time I imagine more changes are sure to come. I wish I had come here sooner.
Stephanie Pierce
Stephanie Pierce

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