A Day In Jaw Pain Joe’s Life

Joe often feels ok in the morning, but tends to develop neck and jaw pain during the day.

At lunch Joe has minor pains and popping in the jaw when he chews.

On bad days his jaw will lock, making it difficult to chew.

Joe is frustrated and not sure how to prevent the jaw pain from getting worse.

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What to know about Jaw Pain

Did you know that the neck and jaw have a close relationship?

Many patients with temporomandibular dysfunction or TMD, will present with severe difficulties while eating, talking or even sleeping due to their pain. The jaw has a number of muscles that coordinate to allow us to open and close effectively. Many of those same muscles can develop tension with improper jaw function and may lead to overlapping symptoms of ear pain, ear fullness or neck pain.

It is important to incorporate a proper evaluation of the neck when treating the jaw, as an underlying neck problem can lead to setbacks.

The good news is that the jaw and neck can be effectively treated by a Physical Therapist (PT) as PT’s focus on restoring muscle and joint function in the body. Don’t forget the Dentist, as a skilled Dentist can assess your bite and assist you in reducing jaw associated headache pain.

Novera can provide you with restorative techniques specific to the jaw while assessing your neck or any other potential contributors to your pain. We also have established relationships with dentists that compliment our approach in order to find you the lasting solution you are searching for.