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Receive hands on treatment and a home program addressing the most overlooked source of headaches and migraines for the best chance of relief after your first visit

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Find the headache and migraine relief you’ve been searching for

This is for you if you want to:

Understand the source of your headaches or migraines

Take back control of your health

Reduce or eliminate the need for medication.

Help us on our mission

It’s because of stories like Leah’s that we are on a mission to empower everyone with headaches and migraines to break free from a life of fear (of your next migraine) and dependence (on medication) so that you can thrive in everything you do. 

Leah suffered with migraines for over 25 years

Her search for relief had taken her in every direction imaginable before finding Novera: Headache Center. Now, after only 10 treatments, she has been migraine free for 9 months!

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In a world where you never have enough time with your doctor, we give you 30 minutes for free! This is time to hear your story and ensure you are a good fit.

  • No commitment and no pressure.
  • Free 🙂 ($143 value)
  • Verbal or text confirmation required at least 24 hours prior

Wanting to jump right in?

This is our first paid 60 minute visit ($295) that includes:

  • Our full evaluation of neck, jaw and shoulders.
  • Hands on treatment for your best chance of finding some relief the day of your appointment
  • A personalized home program
  • Confidence that you are in the right place

*$100 deposit required after booking


Sensitive to light?

Green light is the only light proven to reduce head pain and light sensitivity. Call us and request our green room prior to your visit.

Wondering if you can bring the kids?

The answer is yes! We have an attached kid room to one of our treatment rooms. Kids love to come play while Mom or Dad gets treatment.

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