A Day In Neck Pain Nick’s Life

Nick typically wakes up with headaches

Some days his hands go numb, waking him up early.

Most of the pain is in his neck, but on bad days the pain can travel down his arms.

His MRI/X-ray show wear and tear In the neck and a few herniated discs,

which he is reminded of when the pain increases

He finds that stretching will help, but otherwise depends on medication.

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What to know about Neck Pain

Neck pain can be difficult to treat, but there are some simple concepts that if understood can make a dramatic difference in treatment outcomes.

When a patient presents with a neck pain they will typically receive an X-ray or an MRI. These images will often times reveal wear and tear to the mid to lower segments of the neck. This wear and tear can result in neck pain, shoulder pain and even radiculopathy which is pain or numbness that travels down the arm.

The typical treatment approach involves medication, injections and at times even surgery. Some will be referred to see a physical therapist.

The X-ray and MRI will provide a good amount of information about the neck, but it is important to not stop there. Evaluating movement in the neck is crucial as it tells the entire story as to what may have led to the patients symptoms.

The upper portion of the neck is essential to evaluate in order to provide the patient with proper treatment. The most important joint being C1-2. This is referring to the 1st and 2nd vertebrae (bones) in the top of the neck. This C1-2 joint is responsible for half of our rotation when we turn our head to the right or left. A restriction in C1-2 will lead to increased stress through the mid and lower portion of the neck. Over time this added stress can lead to the wear and tear that we see with the MRI and X-ray. The joints above and below C1-2 are also important to assess, but most patients will have C1-2 as the main issue.

Medication, injections and even surgery will have its place, but it is imperative to restore proper mobility in the neck as the first approach.

Novera will provide our patients with an evaluation that is specific enough to catch these restrictions. Many patients with neck pain will go their entire lifetime without their neck properly assessed.

If this specific evaluation is missed, the patient could be missing out on an opportunity to restore proper mobility and treating their neck pain with a non-invasive, non-medication and very effective approach.