Holy Cow! 10 Facts About Headaches

  1. 90% of the population will experience a headache in their lifetime.
  2. 3% of the general population have chronic headache pain.
  3. 48% of migraine sufferers report 1-4 episodes per month.
  4. Prevalence of migraine pain decreases after age 50.
  5. Women are 2-3x more likely to experience migraines in their lifetime
  6. Migraine pain is reported to reduce health-related quality of life more than osteoarthritis or diabetes.
  7. The cost of headaches from loss of work time and productivity is far greater than the cost of treatment which is estimated to be greater than $1 billion dollars in the US.
  8. 90% of people with migraines present with disability from pain.
  9. 50% of people with migraines are severely disabled or require bed rest.
  10. Family history of migraines is one of the greatest risk factors.

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