5 Recommendations For The Patient With Headaches

Out of all of the wonderful people that we have had the pleasure of helping here at Novera, the most successful are those that do these 5 things outside of the clinic.

Battling against the debilitating headache and migraine attacks is never easy. It takes work, hard work, in order to find the best results. Here is how you can minimize your migraines days and maximize the effectiveness of treatment:

1) Stay optimistic: It is good to be skeptical, but having a positive outlook and holding onto hope of finding relief can go a long ways. The road is never easy, but the patient that sticks with it and holds to an optimistic outlook will have the best results.

2) Stay active: All migraines will effect a patient’s activity level, but the most active patient will find the greatest results. It can be a downward cycle of migraines limiting activity or even activity triggering migraines, but the patient that stays active and works to break this cycle will find the greatest relief. The body likes to move, just start with 10 minute walk breaks every hour. Think about swinging your arms and taking bigger steps to loosen up the shoulders and back.

3) Be aware of food sensitivities: Food can be a trigger, but more importantly the patient that is aware of the types of food they are putting in their body may not only find quicker relief, but see fewer set back. A couple of the heavy hitters can be sugar, gluten and dairy. Next time you have a migraine think back to what you ate that day, you may just find a correlation.

4) Posture: Poor static posture can lead to a bad headache day, it is important to adopt two or three activities that you can perform throughout the day in order to combat the forward shoulder and forward head posturing that comes so naturally with sitting.

5) Drink Water: Dehydration and headaches/migraines are strongly correlated. The recommended amount is about 2 liters per day. If you are in the habit of drinking soda or other sugary drinks, try replacing this with some of our pure Colorado tap water.

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