Are you tired of not having answers?

Looking to avoid medication?

Think there has to be something that's been missed?



It’s Dr. Taves


First, I’d like to personally commend you for your resiliency and determination to finding a solution to your headaches and migraines.

It is frustrating to feel like no one understands, being told it's just in your head and having to continually trial medication without any significant relief. 


If you'll take the time to read a bit about my story, I hope to provide you with a better solution.


Before we jump into it, take a look at some of our patient testimonies here

The most powerful testimonies are theirs, these are real examples of how others have used our unique cure to treat their headaches, migraines, jaw pain, dizziness and neck pain.


A cure that (at first) patients didn’t think was possible.  

A cure that’s provided them the freedom to live the life they truly desire.


And so, let’s call it our “Bye Bye Headache & Migraine Cure”  


See, we at Novera are on a mission:


1) To make a real genuine impact on this planet. 

2) To radically change the lives of those who haven’t found a solution to the uncontrolled, and frankly, the undeserved pain of many.

3) To help those that have explored what was at first a proper diagnosis but ended up back at square 1…


This is our warm introduction for you. 

And so without further ado...


Hello! I’m Dr. Taves!


Let me also first share something you probably (most definitely) already know: 


Your headaches and migraines are not unique. In one of our blog posts, we discussed four types of headaches and that 12% of the population suffers from migraines. Read more here


Sure, the variety and severity of symptoms are always unique to you, 


But the common underlying problem is still very much present.


It’s that common underlying problem that Novera: Headache Center was built around. More importantly, Novera was built around the stories of the patients we have been able to impact.

Allow me to share about just one of our many patients. 

Her name is Gail, you can watch her testimony here

Gail suffered with debilitating migraines Despite Gail's tough resilient spirit, there was no hiding it. Migraines interrupted every aspect of her life.

Pre-migraines- she was an avid runner and loved to explore all that Colorado had to offer.

Sound familiar? How frustrating to be bound to your home not knowing when the next migraine will attack.

Gail tried everything under the sun to help... Botox, Medication, Dietary changes, you name it.

I starting working with Gail the summer of 2018. Within two months she was planning trips to Hawaii, Europe, Beaver Creak - her world was changed. 

She had her life back.




Seeing the impact it had on Gail changed my life.

Just like Gail, there are too many headache and migraine sufferers that need a better solution. 

The Mission of Novera is to provide relational focused and integrity driven healthcare services, providing hope to those suffering with headaches and migraines.


The Vision of Novera is to endlessly pursue the life changing impact of transforming the lives of those who suffer with headaches or migraines.

What that means for you:

Novera: Headache Center is a specialty physical therapy center that focuses on helping five patient character types: Headaches, Migraines, Jaw Pain, Neck Pain and Dizziness.

We are the only physical therapy run specialty center in Colorado Springs that focuses on these patient types.

We are the only headache specialty center that provides a non-medication approach and provides one-on-one care in a facility that caters to the patient with headaches and migraines.

Our value is in the evaluation and hands-on treatment of the neck. Few are trained in these evaluation processes and fewer are capable of providing the restorative techniques to treat these conditions.

To learn more about what we do click below:

See you soon!


Dr. Taves

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