Car Crash -> Whiplash -> Headache

Here is the question… Do your headaches have anything to do with that car accident years ago?

In most cases, your bumps and bruises past a couple years have little relevancy. When it comes to headaches however, that jarring accident decades ago could be the reason for your frequent headache pain.

Why does whip lash lead to headaches?

Several days after the car accident, the neck will feel loose as most of the structures in the neck were stretched past their normal limit during the injury. It is not until weeks to months later that the symptoms present as the body is attempting to find what used to be normal movement, but is dealing with joints and ligaments that have over compensated to being stretched and are now overly tight and restricted.

What to do now?

90% of headaches fall under the category of tension headache. This means that muscle tension develops leading to headache type pain. Whip lash injuries do just that… lead to muscle tension. The good news is, muscle tension can be reversed!

But how?

The tension develops in the upper most joints in the neck, namely, the C1 and C2 joint. If you have headaches, you know exactly what i’m talking about… just press on the upper part of the neck at the base of the skull and see if it reproduces your pain. There are other factors, but I will focus on the C1 and C2 joint as it allows for 50% of neck rotation to occur- a key player. Restoring movement in this joint will allow the neck to move like it did prior to the accident, reducing muscle tension and voila! Headaches are gone.


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