Does Musical Therapy Work for Headaches?

Research has shown that relaxation and cognitive-behavioral therapy are effective when it comes to controlling the pain of headaches.

Music therapy has proven to lessen the frequency of headaches, especially in children and adolescents.

In a study led by three German researchers in 2001, 25 adults who suffered from chronic migraines and headaches were evaluated for the effect that musical therapy had on their pain. The subjects reported the pain intensity and frequency of their headaches before and after the study. After 6-12 months of therapy, the subjects testified that there was significant improvement concerning their headaches.

The three German researchers concluded that music therapeutically enabled the patients to develop creative solutions, which resulted in pain relief 6-12 months later. The patients also testified to having fewer headaches.

Tension is a migraine trigger, so finding songs that relax you can often ease tension. Environment also often initiates headache attacks. Turning on a tranquil playlist to block out the environment can ease your head pain.

Furthermore, your body will become attuned to these songs and after being trained to hear the music at the onset of pain, your body will naturally respond by fighting back the pain.

Often some kind of white noise, or background noise such as rain drops or ocean waves, helps people relax. Other patients find that classical music helps.

Spend some time this week creating a playlist of soothing tunes that can ease your pain.

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