Eat the Right Foods to Avoid Migraines

Did you ever think there could be a connection between your ,migraines and the ,food you eat?

Patient testimonies and studies have shown that certain foods can trigger migraines. Avoiding those nasty migraines starts with eating healthy foods. This means you should avoid foods that contain added preservatives, yeasts, flavoring, and other substances such as nitrites and

phenylalanine that are known to trigger headaches.

,Foods that potentially, stimulate migraines include:

Aged cheese

Alcohol (particularily red wine and beer)

Cured meats (like beef or salami)

Onions, garlic

Homemade bread, doughnuts, cake, and rolls

Smoked or dried fish

Potato chip products

Flavored crackers


Caffeinated bevarages

Instead, eat ,healthy foods such as:

Fresh fruits

Fresh vegetables

Fresh chicken, fish, lamb, pork, or turkey

White, wheat, rye, or pumpernickel bread

Unflavored crackers (like saltines or Club crackers)

Some patients get headaches 2 hours after eating the wrong foods, however some patients won’t feel the pain until 24 hours later. Keep a journal record of what you eat so you can eliminate the foods that prompt your headaches!

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