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At our clinic, we often encounter patients who have been through various treatments without relief, leaving them uncertain about their next steps. Here at Novera, we specialize in manual treatments that address a range of symptoms, often stemming from underlying issues in the neck, jaw, and shoulders. We have highlighted the diverse symptoms that may indicate the need for our specialized manual therapy to give you hope that relief is truly possible for you.

Common Symptoms Treated at Our Clinic:

  1. Nausea and Vomiting: Often related to severe headaches or migraines, these symptoms can be debilitating. Our manual therapy techniques aim to alleviate the underlying causes of head pain, providing relief from nausea and vomiting.
  2. Light Sensitivity: This is a frequent complaint among our patients. Our clinic uses therapeutic approaches like green light therapy to mitigate light sensitivity associated with migraines.
  3. Ear Ringing (Tinnitus): This is a symptom that might not be obviously connected to neck issues at first glance. Through manual therapy focused on the upper neck, many patients experience significant relief from tinnitus.
  4. One-Sided Weakness, Numbness, or Tingling: These symptoms, often alarming and similar to those experienced during a stroke, can be indicative of hemiplegic migraines. Our clinic has a track record of effectively managing these through specialized manual treatments.
  5. Brain Fog: This pervasive symptom affects cognitive functions profoundly. By addressing physical dysfunctions in the neck and shoulders, we help clear the fog, improving mental clarity and daily functioning.
  6. Dizziness: Whether as persistent unsteadiness or episodic vertigo, dizziness is frequently related to cervical issues. Our treatments often focus on the neck to restore balance and spatial orientation.
  7. Word Finding Difficulty: Closely linked with brain fog, difficulty in articulating words can significantly impact communication. Our holistic approach aims to restore full cognitive functions through comprehensive manual therapy.
  8. Stomach Pain: Surprisingly, some forms of stomach pain can be linked to spinal health. Addressing the cervical spine and its functions often alleviates stomach issues, highlighting the interconnectedness of the body.
  9. Jaw Pain, Popping, Clicking: Symptoms of TMJ disorders are often related to tension in the neck. Our manual therapy includes techniques to relieve this tension, improving jaw function and reducing pain.
  10. Post-COVID Nerve Pain: We also address complex cases like long COVID symptoms, where patients experience a resurgence of nerve pain and other related symptoms. Our manual treatments help reduce inflammation and tension, providing much-needed relief.

Why Manual Treatment?

Manual treatment stands out as an effective approach for a variety of symptoms that are often misdiagnosed or poorly managed through conventional medical treatments alone. At our clinic, we focus on the biomechanics of the body—ensuring proper movement and function of joints and muscles, which is often the key to resolving chronic symptoms.

Our success in treating these diverse symptoms illustrates the effectiveness of a physical and hands-on approach to health issues. For anyone experiencing these symptoms, our clinic offers a promising alternative to conventional treatments, providing personalized care aimed at restoring health and improving quality of life.

If you or someone you know is struggling with any of these symptoms and has not found relief through traditional medical approaches, consider reaching out to our clinic. Our team is dedicated to helping patients regain their health through expertly administered manual therapy.

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