A Day In Headache Hailey's Life


Her pain comes on after putting in long hours on the road or at the office. 


It has forced her to depend on medication most days


She doesn't typically get nauseous or have sensitivity to light and sound, like with typical migraines.

By the end of the day, any shoulder tension has developed into pain at the base of her skull, making it difficult to focus.


At times she heads home early because of how limiting the pain can be.

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What to know about Headaches

It is important to understand that there is a well established relationship between headaches and the neck. 

When a patient presents with a headaches or migraines the initial diagnosis will be based off of that patients symptoms. This means that in general there is no X-ray, MRI or CT-scan that is going to come back with any findings that explain your pain. 

This can be a very frustrating process as many patients never find a straight answer as to where their pain is coming from. 

The typical treatment approach involves a series of medications that promise to reduce the frequency or intensity of your pain. Many of these medications are costly and/or come with side-effects that make them unreasonable to use for extended periods of time. 

Although many don't know they have a choice.

As I stated initially, there is a vital role that the neck plays when making a proper diagnosis for headaches and migraines. Believe it or not we have seen headaches, dizziness, jaw pain, nausea, light/sound sensitivities and visual disturbances all come about because of restrictions in the neck. 

When I say restrictions in the neck, I am referring to loss of movement and for three joints in particular. The most important being C1-2. This is referring to the 1st and 2nd vertebrae (bones) in the top of the neck. This C1-2 joint is responsible for half of our rotation when we turn our head to the right or left. A restriction in C1-2 for someone with headaches or migraines is typically near complete loss of rotation through this joint. The joints above and below C1-2 are also important to assess, but most patients will have C1-2 as the main issue. 

Novera will provide our patients with an evaluation that is specific enough to catch these restrictions. The majority of patients with headaches & migraines will go their entire lifetime without their neck properly assessed. 


If this specific evaluation is missed, the patient could be missing out on an opportunity to restore proper mobility and treating their headaches and migraines with a non-invasive, non-medication and very effective approach.