How to Address Your Migraine Trigger

Migraine Triggers come in all shapes and sizes. I have not had any two patients, to my knowledge, that have presented with the same symptoms and triggers.

There are two components to addressing a migraine trigger:

1) Journal: take note of when your migraine occurs. What did you eat that day? What was your posture like? Did you perform an activity that may have led to your pain? Did your little one need more attention? Was there a connection to hormones? Were you sensitive to bright lights or loud noises? – This approach is to eliminate the things that aggravate your symptoms and avoid anything that may lower your threshold for pain.

2) Address the underlying problem: Most all of the above mentioned triggers have one thing in common, they lower your threshold for tolerating pain. If we remove the underlying source of your headaches and migraines, the triggers become less sensitive or many times non-existent.

If we address the source of pain, you can live life again without worry.

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