Migraines in Children

When it comes to gender types and the prevalence of migraines, women are three times more likely to experience a migraine. The American Migraine Study found that among 30,000 respondents 18.2% were female and 6.5% male. This stands true for females from the age of 12 across the lifespan.

We see these numbers shift in children. Before puberty, boys have a higher incidence and prevalence of migraines. Prevalence peaks at 35 – 45 in both genders but the ratio goes from 2:1 female at age 20 to 3:1 female at age 40.

When it comes to the onset of migraines in children, boys are typically ages 10-11 and girls are 14-17 when they first experience their symptoms. Migraines are debilitating and can be especially hard when a 10 year old suffers with them.

We have seen this to be true at Novera as the 10-12 year olds tend to be male rather than female. It can be difficult for a 10 year old to describe their symptoms which can make it difficult for a provider to make a proper diagnosis. It is not uncommon for these children to end up in the ER because of the severity of their pain.

At Novera, we find it a privilege to help anyone who walks through our door. It is even more exciting to be able to provide hope to a child who is risking missing out on school, playing on the playground or being their fun energetic selves.

It is of greater urgency to find relief for the child that presents with migraines. Jackson is a great example of one of our patients who was able to get back to his childhood after treatment. You can find his video testimonial on the homepage.

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