Most Popular Apps for Tracking Migraines

Defeating your migraines begins with understanding what may be causing them. Migraines can occur due to multiple reasons including diet, exercise, environment, altitude, stress, and exertion. Many sufferers keep a journal that records their migraine attacks. This helps them pin-point what may exactly be the problem, whether it be a trend in their diet or exercise-induced migraines etc. This is always a good idea.

Apps are also another great way to track your migraines. If you are not the pen and paper kind of person, then downloading one of these apps onto your phone may be an excellent solution. These apps have tools for coping, advice for solutions, and they connect you with people who hear your story. There are encouraging stories of former sufferers who overcame their migraines.

  • ,Speak Your Migraine is a great website with features such as “Migraine Impact Tool,” Videos, and step-by-step solutions that may offer relief.
  • ,Demand More for Migraine is an app you can download to your phone that will assist in daily tracking your migraines and clearly showing you visible trends in your health and lifestyles.
  • ,Migraine Buddy is a phone app that helps you identify the intensity, frequency, triggers, and symptoms of all your migraines.
  • ,Migraine Insight offers information on your migraines, including symptoms, what to avoid, and the best solutions to seek.

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