Neck Pain and Migraines

Did you know that “migraineurs” note neck pain more frequently than nausea?

It’s true, a study performed in 2010 by Anne Calhoun et. al. took data from 113 migraineurs who recorded a total of 786 migraine days and they found that neck pain was a more common accompaniment in migraines.

What does this mean?

Most providers use nausea as a key symptom to screen for, when assessing migraines. In current practice, neck pain is not included in the list of symptoms needed to make a migraine diagnosis.

Our current diagnostic method may be missing a key component. Many patients present with migraine symptoms from their neck while the neck may never be properly screened or assessed.

This is a big part of why Novera: Headache Center exists. To properly evaluate and provide a solution to patients that suffer with headaches and migraines but have never had their neck properly assessed.

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