Her pain comes on after putting in long hours on the road or at the office. 


It has forced her to depend on medication most days


She doesn't typically get nauseous or have sensitivity to light and sound, like with typical migraine pain.

By the end of the day, any shoulder tension has developed into pain at the base of her skull, making it difficult to focus.


At times she heads home early because of how limiting the pain can be.

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A day in Hailey's life

Headache Hailey

Nick typically wakes up with headaches

Some days his hands go numb, waking him up early.

Most of the pain is in his neck, but on bad days the pain can travel down his arms.

His MRI/X-ray show wear and tear 
In the neck and a few herniated discs,

which he is reminded of when the pain increases

He finds that stretching will help, but otherwise depends on medication.

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A day in Nick's life

Neck Pain Nick

Dizziness delays her getting out of bed because the room starts to spin when she rolls over.


She is fearful to move her head too quickly, but hopes the medication will help get her through the day.


Driving to work she is worried about what may happen if she gets dizzy and some days she just stays home.

She made it through the day with only minor episodes, but she knows the dizziness can come on at any time. She has grown weary of the unknown.

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A day in Daisy's life

Dizzy Daisy

Joe often feels ok in the morning, but tends to develop neck and jaw pain during the day.

At lunch Joe has minor pains and popping in the jaw when he chews.

On bad days his jaw will lock, making it difficult to chew.

Joe is frustrated and not sure how to prevent the jaw pain from getting worse.

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A day In Joes life

Jaw Pain Joe

For many years Migraine Mindy has been dealing with 2-3 migraines per month.

Today it is so severe that she spends whatever time she can in a dark room to avoid sounds and lights.


She could have predicted this with the aura she experienced earlier.

Mindy really doesn't have time for her migraine pain, but is often forced to complete her daily routine.

She goes to bed hoping to fall asleep and wake up the next morning without pain.

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A day In Mindy's life

Migraine Mindy

Oscar feels left out because Novera is a Headache Center, but his pain is in his knees, shoulders and low back. Some days he has headache or migraine pain, but slightly different than the descriptions above.


While the primary focus of Novera is to meet the needs of those with Headaches and Migraines, Dr. Taves is passionate about helping patient's of all types.

Novera would love to come along side anyone with Physical Therapy needs to help them find lasting pain relief. 

That means anything from low back pain to knee pain to plantar fasciitis.

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A day in Oscar's life

Other Things Oscar


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