The Hereditary Likelihood of Migraines

What is the Likelihood of Passing Migraines on to my Children? Researchers have identified that 80-90% of those who suffer from migraines have reported of a family member who also gets migraines.

Genetics do play a role in the likelihood of migraines being passed along within families. If one parent suffers from migraines, a child has a 50% chance of developing them. If both parents suffer, a child has a 75% chance of developing them.

DNA differences are not what cause migraines, but rather genetic changes cause the body to function differently. Some DNA changes make the body more susceptible to the environment, making it more vulnerable to migraine triggers.

Since everybody responds differently to certain migraine triggers, it is difficult to know how genetic differences will affect younger generations. The severity and frequency of your migraine attacks could vastly differ in the lives of your children.

There are three ways in which you can help each other out as a family:

1. Keep headache diaries

Write down the symptoms of your migraines, the frequency of your attacks, and what time they occur.
You may be able to find a common thread of similar experiences between family members.

2. Adjust the family schedule to help the migraine sufferers

Once you have identified many of the common symptoms between family members, you can alter your
living space to accommodate. If you are sensitive to bright lights, use dim lighting throughout the house.
Try going to bed earlier, or cutting out certain foods from your diet. Ensure that you are sleeping with
supportive pillows. Make your house allergy-free and be sensitive to any cleaning solutions that may be
triggering allergic reactions.

3. Seek treatment

Novera is here to help any patient with headaches or migraines. We are here to hear your story, to hear
about your symptoms and pain and struggles. We care about you, and there is nothing we desire more
than to give you life-long freedom from your migraines. Come into the clinic to see Dr. Taves and receive
treatment as soon as today.

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