The Most Overlooked Cause of Headaches & Migraines

In his second podcast, Dr. Taves reveals one of the most overlooked causes of headaches. While most doctors diagnose headaches based off of traditional symptoms, they ignore the root cause of headaches.

Dr. Taves relates some shocking

statistics about headaches. About 3% of the population admits to suffering from chronic

headaches. Around 40% of migraine sufferers report

having 1-4 episodes per month, and

half of those sufferers confess that those

migraines are severely disabling. Migraines

are proven to significantly reduce the quality

of life, even more than osteoarthritis and diabetes.

In the face of these statistics, Dr. Taves highlights three

misconceptions that people hold about migraines. Firstly,

many people believe that the pain source stems solely

from the head. Secondly, some believe that the pain is

imagined, and therefore not real. Thirdly, many patients

believe that their migraines are a vascular, or medical,


These fallacies can be dispelled by what Dr. Taves

claims is the most overlooked cause of headaches

and migraines: a neck injury.

Neck injuries often send pain signals to the brain stem,

and the brain perceives them as coming from the head

or face area. As a result, the brain misinterprets the

signal and pulls in other sensory nerves to accompany

the pain. This is why many migraine sufferers are

sensitive to light and sound.

If the joints connecting the head and the neck are injured

or are tense, then you can lose movement. This loss of

movement reduces your flexibility and range of motion

which can trigger head pain.

Because CT or MRI scans will not pick up this loss of

movement in the neck, doctors overlook the problem

and cannot identify the root problem of your headaches.

Doctors are focused on reducing the frequency and

intensity of their patients’ migraines. They diagnose

migraines based on symptoms, so that they can directly

address the symptoms. However, this means they

fail to address the root cause of the patient’s headache.

Patients are often put on abortive or preventative

medications, which they often take daily. They become

committed to a lifestyle of medication, without any hope

of their painful road coming to an end.

This is why Dr. Taves believes it is crucial to identify the

cause of your headaches, so that you can progress

toward complete healing and live a life free of

medication. His goal at Novera is to empower individuals

to break free from a life of pain and dependence.

He advises not to dismiss the fact that your headaches

could be caused by neck tension. Even if you have never

suffered a neck injury, there are plenty of factors that

could be leading to neck tension. Craning your neck to

look at a cellphone, sitting at a desk for a long period of

time, or reading books are all situations that can cause

neck tension.

Come into Novera and have Dr. Taves assess your head

and neck if you are having headaches or migraines! In

the meantime, get out and exercise. Movement always

helps with the flexibility of the neck and eases tension in

the body.

Tune in to next week’s podcast to learn about the possibility

of hormonal or genetic migraines! See you then.

Listen to this episode of The Headache Doctor Podcast here.

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