The Reason You Have Headaches

Headaches come in all shapes and sizes. The severity, frequency and location all seem to vary from patient to patient. In every case I find myself asking, why? Why does the headache start at the base of the skull? Why is the pain increased with poor postures? Why are most of these people telling me they were in a car accident years ago? If we ask why enough times we are bound to get an answer.

The answer, surprisingly, is very simple because the why behind each question has a consistent answer. The body has a knack for fixing itself, and when it is unable to, it will revert to less efficient routes of completing the same goal. Let me get to the point; the why behind these headaches boils down to improper movement. The movement we are designed to have involves a symphony of joints all working together. This symphony of proper movement allows us to look out our side window to see our blind spot, or look up to watch a plane go by. The headache comes about when one of those joints doesn’t pull its weight or is out of tune. The body is still able to get the job done, but at the cost of increased stress on the joints, ligaments, nerves and muscle tissue eventually leading to headache pain.

The explanation of headache pain is often foreign to the majority of people that have seen a healthcare provider, or to most people for that matter. If we start with the root of the headache problem, we see that it makes sense to address the specific joint that is impairing movement. How do we get the joint to start moving again you ask? Simple, find a good Doctor of Physical Therapy. You see, what I have just explained is a movement problem. A Physical Therapist is the only reasonable provider to treat this type of headache pain. The problem is that only a small fraction of patients with headache pain are referred to a Physical Therapist, in addition, there is a large number of people that have accepted their weekly headache pain as a way of life.

That brings me to the reason for starting this blog. I believe that headache pain has a solution, a very attainable and long lasting solution. My hope and vision for this blog is to share helpful information with people that have either lost hope of their headaches ever going away, people still searching for a solution, or people who know someone who suffers from headaches.

The bottom line… There is a solution and it’s worth sharing.

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