Now Offering Virtual Appointments

Manage your headaches and migraines from the comfort of your own home with one of our virtual programs.

  • 60 minute evaluation with personalized home program

  • 3 or 6 month coaching packages with goal setting, trigger identifying, and in depth follow up appointments for maximum accountability - plus a personalized home program

Access valuable content 24/7 from our easy to use online platform

  • Personalized PhysiTrack program with daily tracking and video content

  • Use our 30 Day Headache Tracker to help uncover triggers and read helpful daily tips

Understand your headaches and migraines while developing a personalized home exercise plan to build resiliency for years to come.

The primary goal: Reduce your need for medication and maximize your time with family without interruption - break free from a life of fear and dependence on medication so you can thrive in everything you do!

Virtual Discovery Visit price: $0

Virtual Evaluation price: $295

To inquire about our coaching packages, please call us at 719-598-1010