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Relieve Migraine Headache Symptoms From Home

Virtual physical therapy coaching with headache specialists who are on the cutting-edge of natural treatments for migraine pain.

Reduce migraine frequency

Uncover hidden triggers

Live headache free

Migraine Treatment & Headache Pain Relievers Not Working?

Even with medication, lifestyle changes, and other “research-backed treatments” for migraine symptoms does nothing feels like it’s really solving the issue? Instead, only helping to relieve some pain for some time?

According to the WHO “migraines are one of the most disabling and expensive chronic disorders that is non-fatal”.

As someone experiencing migraines, would you agree?

How much of your resources have you spent (time, money, or otherwise) toward finding more than just a temporary solution to your headaches or migraines?

You deserve to minimize migraine frequency and learn to control migraine headaches from the comfort of your own home.

Stop Managing Migraine Symptoms & Finally Get To The Root Cause

Experiencing the discomfort of migraine triggers and the chronic pain during episodes can make living with migraine attacks nearly unbearable.

For many, the time missed with family and friends is enough to feel the need to break free from debilitating symptoms. That, plus the financial burden of medications or taking time off work can feel completely overwhelming.

We’re here to tell you, your quality of life matters!

Discover The Natural Solution To Treating Headaches & Migraines

Get ready to uncover hidden triggers and start living headache free!


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Start healing

Stop treating migraine symptoms and start getting to the root cause of headache and migraine attacks once and for all.


Get your life back

Recover time and resources you thought were gone forever.

Telemedicine Never Felt So Good

Ready to find muscle tension relief and decrease migraine attacks like never before?

Finally stop managing migraine symptoms and start taking back control over your health with telemedicine appointments that are 100% focused on YOU.

With Novera virtual appointments, you get:

One-on-one coaching with your doctor

A personalized care plan

An all-access account with PhysiTrack

A customized exercise program through PhysiTrack

Helpful daily tips with our 30-day Headache Tracker

A non-medication approach to healing

Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and stress management

The ability to wean off headache or migraine medications

What Does Physical Therapy For Headache Pain Do?

For in person patients, this would mean hands-on treatments for migraine symptoms and pain associated with headaches. We work to improve rotation and mobility to the neck, release tension from the shoulders to the head, and focus on discovering hidden triggers that might be affecting the nervous system.

For our virtual appointments, you’ll work with your headache specialist to do all of the same things, but from your home! We walk with you every step of the way toward more pain-free days (without medication).

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