What Do You Fear?

What do you fear?

You survived Halloween! What costume did you wear? Lots of people probably wore costumes that scared them. Oftentimes people wear costumes that represent their greatest fear – maybe it’s spiders, an evil sorcerer, a man-eating wolf, a skeleton, or a bat.

You ask, is there a costume for migraines?

Maybe it would be a face mask with an exhausted look. Or perhaps a mask of sorrow and pain. What about a mask of fear?

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, then you have worn these masks before – and not just on Halloween. Migraine attacks leave you exhausted and beaten down. They steal away your life, so that maybe you didn’t even have the time or energy to make a Halloween costume this year.

And there is always the fear of your next migraine attack. There remains the fear that tomorrow will be the day that your headache strikes, and you will have to cancel the day’s events to lie in pain on the couch at home.

Here at Novera we don’t want you to live in fear. We want you to live securely from day to day, having confidence that your headaches will not plague you. You shouldn’t be scared of migraines, because we can help you take control of them. Novera can give you treatment that removes the fear of headaches. At Novera, we prize freedom and confidence – we do not want fear to enslave you, and we certainly don’t want it to rob you of your confidence or happiness.

Seek help. A new life is waiting for you – a life free from fear and pain.

Come into Novera today to get treatment and tell us your story!

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