What is the best sleep position?

Do you wake up with headaches?

If so, there is a good chance that you need to change your sleep position. Sleeping is one of the first things I go over when a patient comes to see me.

How we are sleeping plays into the amount of tension placed through the neck. It is best to find a neutral posture for the neck in either the side sleeping or back sleeping positions.

Stomach sleeping can increase the amount of strain through the neck because of the amount of rotation required. Rotation of the neck can be the primary limitation for someone with headaches.

Side sleepers can do well, but it is recommended to have a thicker pillow in order to account for your shoulder. Also, make sure to support your upper arm with a pillow, and even a third pillow between the knees for good measure.

Back sleepers tend to not have as many issues. A thinner pillow with added neck support is what we recommend. A contoured memory foam pillow works

well. Another suggestion is to roll up a hand towel and place it under your neck for added support.

Happy sleeping!

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