Why Headaches and Migraines Aren’t Just in Your Head

Have you yet to find an answer for your headaches or migraines?

We hear this often from our patients here at Novera. The standard approach to diagnosing a headache or migraine is to rule out any other underlying condition, this usually leads to negative findings with blood work, CT scan, MRI and X-ray. Since these are our diagnostic tools in healthcare, when no problem is found, it seems the only explanation is that the pain is in your head.

Yes, the pain is literally in your head, but did all those tests really assess everything? What if there was something that was missed that could have a very reasonable way of explaining your symptoms?

If this scenario existed, would you trust it? Could it be that an MRI doesn’t explain everything?

It may be hard to believe that all those doctors and all those tests resulted in something being missed. It boggles, my mind as well. However, the truth is that none of those tests evaluated movement in the neck.

Could it really be that simple. Yes.

If it was never assessed to begin with, even the most severe headaches and migraines can be a result of restrictions in the neck.

If you have had someone explain and evaluate how each segment of the neck functions and there was nothing to be found, then restoring movement may not be the right approach for you.

Who is trained to do evaluate movement


MD’s – utilize imaging and prescribe medication

Chiropractors – evaluate alignment and provide adjustments

PT’s – evaluate and restore movement problems

A PT is the most logical provider, although in my own profession many clinicians are far from being confident with treating headaches & migraines.

That is why Novera was created. To be a center that focuses on properly evaluating movement problems that relate to headaches and migraines.

If you have not yet had movement in your neck evaluated, schedule an initial evaluation here and come see us today.

That’s what Lynn did (pictured above) and after 30 years she found her answer.

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