Why Headaches Matter

In Dr. Taves’ Podcast series, The Headache Doctor Podcast, his first episode tells the story of how he began his journey of helping people with their headaches and migraines.

Dr. Taves received his doctorate in Physical Therapy at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and there he developed a passion to help patients struggling with headaches and migraines. Through his research, he studied the underlying causes of headaches and what kinds of approach and treatment are best for complete, life-long healing.

Dr. Taves desired to know the root cause of migraines and why

medicine fails to treat the pain adequately. Migraine patients are

often sent to be treated by neurologists and are put on medication.

However, working as a physical therapist, Dr. Taves found that the

patients he treated were significantly improved without medication.

The care Dr. Taves gave his patients vastly decreased the

frequency and intensity of their headaches.

In 2018, Dr. Taves opened up his own clinic, called Novera. His

clinic is a specialized clinic that specifically treats patients with

headaches and migraines.

Dr. Taves is able to cater to his patients in order to make their

experience at Novera as comfortable as possible. He is able to

adjust lighting and sound, and he provides privacy for every patient.

His office space is a quiet, calming, and small space designed for

the comfort and protection of each patient. The vision of the Novera

clinic is three-fold. It is designed to grant patients the power to live their

lives without fear of their next debilitating migraine attack. The clinic

grants patients independence, so that they are no longer inhibited by

pain and depression. They can thrive physically, emotionally, and

mentally. Finally, Novera offers non-medicated, life-long relief.

Dr. Taves’ goal in his Podcast series is to educate patients. Over

the course of a series of episodes released weekly, Dr. Taves will reveal

the underlying cause of your headaches and migraines, and he will

offer you possible treatments including helpful tips and exercises you

can do at home. Together, let’s begin your journey to a joyful, pain-free


Click here to listen to Episode 1 of The Headache Doctor Podcast, Why Headaches Matter.

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