3 Easy Foam Roller Stretches For Busy Moms

3 Easy Foam Roller Stretches For Busy Moms

Feeding babies, lifting toddlers, hauling heavy car seats and diaper bags, playing chauffer, cooking and cleaning up after the family… is it any wonder that moms tend to carry so much tension throughout the day? Here at Novera: Headache Center we help moms from all walks of life find relief from headaches and migraines using proven natural solutions that fit into their busy schedules. One helpful tool we often recommend is a 36″ foam roller with no ridges. Inexpensive and easy to use, foam rollers are the perfect addition to any mom’s home care routine. Below are three stretches that will target areas made tight by the stress of raising tiny humans.

Pectoral Stretch

1) Lie down with the foam roller longways from tailbone to head

2) Keep your knees bent and back flat

3) Put arms out to your side, palms up until you feel a stretch

4) Increase stretch by raising arms up higher

5) Use your breath to relax your shoulders down and hold

-Hold for about 2 minutes, 2x/day

Thoracic Extension

1) Lie down with your foam roller horizontally underneath you, starting at mid back (knees are bent)

2) Clasp your hands together and place them behind your neck

3) Bring elbows in and then try to point them back and behind you (do not look backward to keep neck in neutral)

4 )As you extend, you should feel the stretch in your upper back

6) You can move the foam roller up or down your back to adjust position

– 20 reps, 2x/day

Lat Stretch

1) Place the foam roller in front of you horizontally

2) Kneel down in front of the foam roller and extend your right arm, placing it on top of the roller

3) Slowly bring your head and chest down towards the floor, keeping your back straight

4) Work to extend your right arm away from your body

5) Repeat on the left

-Hold for 30 seconds each arm, 2x per day

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