Do Standing Desks Help my Headaches?

Do you ever think about your neck and back posture during the day? Do you know that your posture can greatly affect the intensity and frequency of your headaches?

If you spend hours working at a desk or looking at screens, then it is likely that your posture is not very good. Even using a cell phone for a long period of time will crane your neck and put up to 10 pounds of excessive weight on your neck. In turn, you may be experiencing headaches or migraines during the work day or afterwards during the night.

You are most likely experiencing headaches because of your body posture. There are several ways you can help your posture and stop craning your neck during the day.

Firstly, when you are using a hand-held mobile device check that you are not holding the device below your shoulders and bending your neck downwards to see the screen. Hold the device to your eye level so that you don’t have to crane your neck unnecessarily.

Secondly, if you work in an office with a computer, set up a workspace that is conducive to protecting good posture. Set your computer up so that it is at your eye level. If you are sitting in a chair, ensure you are sitting up straight in the chair and your head is looking straight ahead.

Standing desks have also proven to help significantly in keeping good posture and preventing headaches. They prevent forward head postures which compresses the upper cervical spine more than usual and can trigger headaches. A standing desk allows you to relieve pressure put on the cervical spine and the muscular strain put on the areas around there. When standing, you won’t have the forward head posture, nor will you strain your head forward in order to see the computer screen. A standing desk is convenient because you can switch between sitting and standing, which alternates using different muscles.

Consider getting a standing desk for your work place, and you may find that this greatly decreases the frequency and intensity of your headaches. Also make sure that when you are using cellular devices or your computer at any time that you are practicing good posture, and you may be shocked at how much your headaches improve!

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